Every ounce of Brilace cosmetics keeps the secrets of nature







Every ounce of Brilace cosmetics

keeps the secrets of naturece

Brand benefits

High concentration of active natural ingredients:

French cosmetics Brilace has a natural colour, natural essential oils and plant extracts flavor. This causes its high bioavailability to the skin.

Exclusive product compositions:

Brilace cosmetics developed with the participation of biotechnologists and microbiologists,also its formulas includes innovative developments in cosmetology market: peptides, CO2 extract (carbon dioxide extract) , various moisturizing complexes, etc.

Ecologic and safety:

Brilace company follows to the principles of human and nature harmony,  producing  eco-friendly products by using  only the highest quality raw materials for its production. Cosmetics do not contain carcinogens, hormones, parabens, phthalates, etc.

Product range which allows to provide a big list of procedures:

French cosmetics Brilace in its arsenal has all necessary preparations for a full range of procedures in the cabinet of a cosmetologist. Brilace cosmetics includes not only products for professional saloon procedures, but also it includes home care products.

High economy due to low product expense norms:

Due to high concentration of active ingridients – all Brilace products are economical at usage.

We are ready for cooperation

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C level

C Level is aimed to professionals who have practical experience in solving the most of skin problems by using Brilace professional cosmetics. C level lasts for 3 hours including one coffee-break. C level includes the ways of intensive skin rejuvenation ("crow's feet",...

B level

B Level training is aimed to the experienced cosmetologists. B level lasts 3 hours including one coffee-break. B level involves the participants to explore different combinations of Brilace professional cosmetics. We explain the sequence of procedures which simulate...

A level

Brilace is the professional cosmetics of the future! That's why it is critically important to follow all application instructins whenever you use Brilace cosmetics within a complicated cosmetologic treatment or just at home. This will ensure your  maximum benefits...

France is a recognized leader of beauty, style, fashion and charm. The most successful cosmetic brands were born in France. France has all conditions for the development and production of high-quality, effective and safe cosmetics. France has great resources of natural ingredients from Alp minerals through Provence herbs to active oceanic component of Biscay. France has a unique ultra modern technological capabilities as the one of the most developed countries of the European Union. Moreover, it is naturally combined with a huge cosmetic knowlage and cosmetic recipes haritage. France has dedicated dynasties of chemists, microbiologists and pharmacists to develop and produce the best cosmetics.

Brilace is the one of the purest French professional cosmetic brands. From the very first day of our history – Brilace does the special efforts to develop and manufacture the high-performance components for the cosmetic surgeries and practicing professional beauticians. We study the needs of our customers to the smallest detail. Brilace does the best to find a solution to the most daring challenges. Brilace on-site laboratory allows to do constant researches to find the most natural, safe and effective formulas for every skin type and each skin problem. Brilace is the art of cosmetology. Our 17 years professional cosmetic experience allows us to absorbe all the best practices from our colleagues in other laboratories, to complement them with our unique formulas, to use the most modern manufacture technology. It’s extremely important for us to improve our existing products constantly. Brilace ensures the commitment to our customers, professional beauticians in many countries far beyond France.