About Brilace

A word from our President

Above all, Brilace values inspiration, safety, treatment outcomes and cost efficiency. These four values are at the heart of the trusted partnership with our customers and form the backbone of our company. My mandate and my actions are guided by these three values, which were at the origin of the company, and which will be its engine in the years to come.

The 17 years of our company’s success are not a culmination, but rather an obligation to stay at the forefront of innovation and to keep offering increasingly high-quality products that meet and even anticipate your needs. Tradition should never rhyme with complacency; instead, we at Brilace are committed to creating new trends. Because, indeed, Brilace is the future of professional cosmetics!

Our Values
Leveraging cutting-edge insights and innovations in the beauty industry, we create high-quality and effective formulations for use in cosmetology offices. A rich and well-thought-out assortment, delicate textures, and luxurious French fragrances transform routine procedures into enjoyable experiences, offering care and delight for both the professional and their client.
We meticulously check aesthetic protocols and do not allow the presence of carcinogens, hormones, paraben preservatives, and chemical conservants in our formulas.
Treatment outcomes
This is our core principle when developing formulas. A combination of the latest ingredients, an effective composition of actives, thoughtfully chosen combinations, and modern scientific knowledge about the skin creates our cosmetics. We offer over 50 protocols with effective solutions for skin's aesthetic problems, which provide visible results from the very first treatment!
Cost efficiency
An optimal and well-formulated assortment offered at a reasonable price to achieve maximum results. Brilace's extensive product portfolio enables you to meet the diverse requests of clients of any age, allowing for the creation of innovative, effective services and personalized protocols. Each procedure delivers maximum results for the customer while ensuring cost-efficiency for the professional.


Nanorma specializes in effective mesotherapy injections for aesthetic cosmetology, utilizing innovative formulations and rigorously tested active ingredients for optimal results. The brand offers a comprehensive skincare range, including biopeptides for wrinkle reduction, biorevitalization products for lifting and tightening, moisturizing formulas for dry skin, and lipolytics for body contouring and cellulite reduction.

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