Level B

B Level training is aimed at experienced cosmetologists. It lasts 3 hours, including one coffee break. This level involves participants exploring different combinations of Brilace professional cosmetics. We explain the sequence of procedures which simulate various combinations of skin problems and select the most effective ways to treat them.

We offer profitable solutions for both cosmetologists and their clients from a commercial point of view. The training includes our treatments for rosacea and pigmentation, choosing effective options for sensitive skin with dilated vessels, and discussing rehabilitation programs for the skin after medium and deep peelings. Additionally, we offer comprehensive care programs and prevention strategies for photo and chrono aging.

B Level also includes a discussion of possible tactics for hyperpigmentation treatment and teaches how to prevent and correct age-related skin changes. Finally, we discuss the elasticity of the skin and the various professional approaches to increase it.

To join B Level, contact us through any of the methods outlined on the “Contact Us” page. Our staff will get in touch with you to offer a convenient date for the B Level training and answer any questions you may have.