The word of the President-Director

Brilace is above all values: product excellence, respect for the environment and training. These three values are at the heart of the trust contract with our customers and form the backbone of our company. My mandate and my action are guided by these three values, which were at the origin of the company, and which will be its engine in the years to come.

The 17 years of success of our company are in no way a culmination, but are on the contrary an obligation to remain at the top of the innovation, and to continue to propose to you always more quality products, which fill and even anticipate your needs . Tradition must never rhyme with complacency, we intend to create new trends. Because yes, Brilace is the professional cosmetics of the future!

Brilace, Mark of exellence

Since its founding  17 years ago, Brilace have been  focused on the development and production of high-performance products for beauty salons and professional cosmetologists.
Carefully studying the needs of our customers, we are constantly looking for solutions to the most daring  tasks. This is the leitmotif of our laboratories, which develop the most natural, most effective and safest formulas for all skin types and all their problems. During  17 years of existence, we have never ceased to introduce innovations (usage of peptides, CO2 extract, various moisturizing complexes)  by using the advantages of the most modern technologies , but at the same time we have never ignored the innovations of the best cosmetologists. All of the above is the heart of trust agreement with our clients.
Years of research allowed us to develop cosmetics  with colour and flavor of essential oils and herbal extracts. This is the main  reason of its bioavailability for skin.

Brilace – large choice of products and economy at usage

Due to our research – we offer you full list of facial procedures. Brilace cosmetics are intended not only for professional care at beauty salons, also it can be used for home care. Besides, due to high concentration of active ingridients – Brilace cosmetics are very economical at usage.  

Brilace – brand commited to environment protection

Over  17 years of experience we assured that efficiency of products have no contradictions with strong  ecological convictions. That`s why our products does not tests on animals and carries out clinical assay. That’s why – carcinogens, hormones, parabens, phthalates and other harmful products are prohibited in our cosmetics. Also our cosmetics are packaged into a compact, simple and eco-friendly package, with all respect for nature.

Brilace – brand dedicated to formation of aesthetic professionals

Despite the fact that Brilace is dedicated for professionals – it seeks for not loosing  of sight  the final consumer, primarily by offering them safe products by the way of training the aesthetic specialists. Due to our experience   we know what is needed for our cosmetologists to use our products with maximum efficiency and being kept posted with the most modern cosmetology methods.

Brilace –  part of the long tradition of French cosmetics

France recognized as a leader in beauty, style, fashion and charm industry . The most successful cosmetic brands have been created exactly in France. All conditions for the development and production of high-quality, effective and safe cosmetics have been gathered in our country.
Also, France is an important resourse base for natural ingridients: with pure Alpine  minerals, herbs from Provence and, of course, active oceanic components from Bay of Biscay.
In such way Brilace is in congruence with french cosmetics traditions and dynasties of chemists, microbilogists and pharmacists who made cosmetology great.