Jessner peel 42%–pH–1,9

Gentle combined chemical peeling. Peeling action has a sheer anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, antibacterial effect. Stimulates cell proliferation, restores skin elasticity and makes skin resilient, smoothes wrinckles, normalizes functions of sebaceous glands, promotes the brightening of pigment spots.

• Smoothing relief and color due to efficient renewal and repairing of the cells
• Improves microcirculation of blood
• Anti aging effect
• Cleancing and narrowing the pores
• Instant lifting effect


HOW TO USE: Apply and evenly distribute the peeling solution in one or several layers on the face with a brush or cotton applicator.The exposure time between layers – 2 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

INGREDIENTS: Resorcinol 14%, salicylic acid 14%, lactic acid 14%

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