Luxury Absolute gold serum (24 carat gold serum)

Premium class serum, rich in nutrients that easily penetrate the skin due to gold ions. The most delicate and gentle texture of serum provides powerful nutrition and moisturizing, regenerates and softens, improves elasticity, whitens and regulates the hydro lipid balance.Golden serum significantly improves skin texture, increases the activity and bioavailability of other components of care.

Use for:
For skin which needs proper nutrition
When barrier and skin dehydration functions breached
When instant smoothing effect needed
Suitable for all skin types (including hypersensitive)

HOW TO USE: Apply 1-2 drops of Luxury Absolute gold serum on face, eyelids, neck and decollete.

INGREDIENTS: 24 carat gold, Ulva Lactuca green seaweed, hyaluronic acid, glycerin caprylate.

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