Lifting Sårum

Lifting serum slows the aging process, significantly improves the condition of collagen fibers. Serum is rich in proteins, vitamins and polysaccharides, protects skin from premature aging caused by influence of negative factors of enviroment.

• Instant lifting and fulness effect
• Smoothes small and deep wrinkles
• Long lasting effect of deep moisturizing
• Stimulates synthesis of elastin and collagen
• Epidermis regeneration
• Effective pre and post peeling effect


HOW TO USE: Apply 1-3 ml of Lifting Serum to the skin. Input it by massage or electric procedures.

INGREDIENTS: red grape leaf extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, shiitake mushroom protein hydrolyzate, bosselia extract, green tea leaf extract, “iglitsa” herb extract, soy protein hydrolyzate, almond protein hydrolyzate, beta glucan, collagen, nano-gold, vegetable glycerin.

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