Contour lift mask

This mask modeling face contour, removes edema also has a lifting effect, strengthens the contours of the face, moisturizes the skin. This mask has an exceptional ability to improve skin texture, an instant tightening effect without feeling of tightness of the skin, quickly removes oily shine and tightens pores, restores the structure of the skin, saturation of essential nutrients.

• Instant, prolonged and sheer lifting effect of the lower third of the face
• Double chin correction
• Restoration of the skin at the cellular level
• Deep moisturizing and toning of the skin
• Stimulation of blood circulation and cell regeneration


HOW TO USE: Using brush apply 5 ml of the mask onto the cleansed face and distribute it. The mask can be lightly massaged. Apply a non-woven mask soaked in 10 ml of Contour lift lotion and fixate incisions on the ears.

INGREDIENTS: soy isoflavones, wheat protein hydrolyzate, green pea protein hydrolyzate, bean protein hydrolyzate, cornflower extract, hibiscus extract, mallow extract, caffeine, menthol, rutin (troxirutin), glycerin, germal.

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