Complex Caviar

Black caviar extract moisturizes, tightens and rejuvenates the skin, provides the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Maximum concentration and bioavailability of active ingredients provides discernible decreasing of deep wrinckles even after first procedure.

Enrichment of the skin with amino acids, vitamins and microelements
Instant long term effect
High concentration of active components
Perfectly fits for thin, flabby and dull skin

HOW TO USE: Abundantly moisten the skin with an activating lotion. Open the envelope with patches with dry hands, put freeze-dried sheets onto the skin, provide massage with light massage movements, gradually adding 10-15 ml of activator lotion.

During the massage plates turns into gel. If slip decreases – provide re-moisturizing with activator lotion. Massage takes 15-30 minutes till complete dissolution of complex caviar. Wash off with water.

INGREDIENTS: seaweed polysaccharides, black caviar extract.

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