Advanced peel 26%–pH–2.2

Combined medium peeling based on fruit acids, plant extracts and retinol. Suitable for all types of skin including moderate and severe acne. This peeling provides reducing the depth of small and medium wrinkles, improves tone and elasticity of skin, stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin, lightens pigment spots, aligns skin colour. Provides instant result.

• Removing hyperkeratosis, acceleration of cell renewal of the epidermis
• Lowers sebaceous gland activity, reduces pores
• Sheer anti-inflammatory effect. Acne treatment
• Lightens pigment spots, aligns skin colou
• Non-operational micro polishing of the skin, post-acne correction and rumens
• Reduces the depth of small and medium wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity


HOW TO USE: Apply and evenly distribute the peeling solution in one or several layers on the face with a brush or cotton applicator.The exposure time between layers – 2 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

INGREDIENTS: retinol, lemon acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid, succinic acid, wine acid, lactobionic acid, glycolic acid, garnet extract, bilberry fruit extract, sugar cane extract, sugar maple extract, citrus extract, date palm extract, green tea extract.

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