C Level is aimed to professionals who have practical experience in solving the most of skin problems by using Brilace professional cosmetics. C level lasts for 3 hours including one coffee-break. C level includes the ways of intensive skin rejuvenation (“crow’s feet”, dry eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, swelling and hernias). We discuss care options for normal, dry, aging and dehydrated skin (economy and business options). We expain all treatments for neck, study the correction course for double chin using  Brilace professional cosmetics, teach  how to prepare cosmetic energy feeding for skin. C level provides the practice how to reduce NLC deficit, studies all the components for health and beauty skin of hands, legs and body. Moreover, we present non-ordinary usage of Brilace professioanl cosmetics (for dermatitis, dermatoses, in Trichology, etc.).

To join C ​​level you should just click the button in top of this page “sign up for training” and fill in the form. Our staff will contact you and offer the convenient date of C level training for you and answer any your questions.