Brilace is the professional cosmetics of the future! That’s why it is critically important to follow all application instructins whenever you use Brilace cosmetics within a complicated cosmetologic treatment or just at home. This will ensure your  maximum benefits from Brilace cosmetics. You’ll achieve an outstanding long effect for the skin.

The basic aplication rules are stated on each package of Brilace cosmetics. This may be enough for experienced beauticians. However,  we conduct training workshops for deepper understanding and  higher effectiveness. We invite the beauticians to our classes and explore Brilace cosmetics scrupulously. We explain Brilace compositions, give practical advices, recommend the best treatment combinations. We study every client reffer and explain Brilace procedures for each skin problem.FullSizeRender-2-225x300

A level training aims the beginners and those beauticians who have never encountered with professional Brilace cosmetics at their work. This level lasts 6 hours with three coffee-breaks. A level program contains all of the major methods of Brilace cosmetic proper usage, learns to choose the correct procedure for each skin type, explains how to choose Brilace cosmetics for specific skin problems, gives solutions for the most common Brilace cosmetics combinations, focuses Brilace skin care programs before / after applying , discusses  the treatment variants for acne and post-acne, practices “atraumatic skin cleansing” with the training participants, makes recommedations how to avoid vaporizer and to select home care remedies.

To join A ​​level you should just click the button in top of this page “sign up for training” and fill in the form. Our staff will contact you and offer the convenient date of A level training for you and answer any your questions.