Body Deep Moisturizing

Procedure deep moisturizing helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Used drugs have a disinfectant and tonic effect. One effect of the procedure is to regulate lipid balance of the skin. The skin is softened, increases its elasticity and firmness, lost the feeling of dryness and dehydration.face
Technique of the procedure:
1. Wet the sponge with hot body.
2. Apply a thin layer Scrub Peel. Thoroughly massage.
3. Rinse with water.
4. Clean the skin with a cotton pad soaked Remodeling Prepping Lotion. Cover foil for 10 minutes. Do not rinse.
5. Apply Massage Gel to the body. Start the massage.
6. Over apply Cream Massage and soak massage movements.
7. Apply a thin layer of Hydro Mask, leave to dry completely (about 20 minutes).
8. Remove using damp towels or take a shower.
9. Apply Lotion Silky Body Lotion and soak up the (then massage) to the total absorption of the skin.
Frequency procedures – as needed.