Anticellulite Remodeling Program

New anti-cellulite program with a special modeling gel, which contains extracts of fenugreek, horsetail, yarrow, arnica, juniper, gentian yellow, pine needles, Centella asiatica, algae, lily flowers, ginger root, peeled apple, juice of aloe leaves, caffeine and essential oils having lipolytic effect.
The procedure includes a hard anti-cellulite massage, smoothes the skin. Combining Remodeling Cellulite Gel with massage helps smooth the “orange peel” resorption seals, softening intradermal fat and bone resorption.
At the same time visiting the solarium tanning after the procedure is carried out.
The effect is increased by the simultaneous use of Remodeling Cellulite Gel at home.antic
Technique of the procedure:
1. Wet the sponge with hot body.
2. Apply a thin layer Scrub Peel, massage.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
4. Clean the skin with a cotton pad soaked Remodeling Prepping Lotion. Cover foil for 10 minutes. Do not rinse.
5. If there is a sauna you can go to the sauna for 2-3 minutes.
6. Apply Remodeling Cellulite Gel, perform a deep massage.
7. Wrap the tape in 2 hours (at home to wash off with warm shower).
The frequency of the procedures:
Prevention “cellulite” – 1 every 4-6 weeks.
Moderate cellulite – 5-10 procedures, 2 times a week.
Severe cellulitis – selected individually (combined with surgical methods of correction).
Home care (cellulite):
During the shower apply Mythologic Soap Peel (2-3 times per week) or Alpha Complex Shower Gel (4-5 times a week), massage and rinse with water.
Apply to the problem areas of cellulite gel Mythologic Remodeling Cellulite Gel. Vmassirovat. Leave overnight.